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On A Street In Singapore

i bought this comic book while i was waiting for a flight in Changi Airport. On this trip, i was trying not to buy something too cheesy (like key chain :p), so when i saw this book, i thought it would be a nice collection.

this is the easiest way for you to understand a glimpse of Singapore history and Singaporeans daily life. It consists several chapter that explain the history, places to hang out, things to do, and local people behaviour. Quite interesting :)

reminds me a lot of famous Indonesian comic book : Benny and Mice! 
happy reading!

Singapore 2011

A short visit to Singapore. Not much to see since we had to catch several meetings in different places. -___-" but i'm so grateful that i could joined in this trip. A lot of new things learned. and the best thing is.. i didn't go shop wildly even the Great Singapore Sale was still going on until next month!  i just bought Rubi flats on sale and a comic books of Singapore history. ;)
see ya soon, S!